How to properly utilize social media hashtags for your small business

Just about every social media platform out there supports hashtags and there’s a chance you’re probably already using them with your accounts. But not all hashtags work for the same purposes. There are some hashtags that target specific local markets and there are hashtags that target trending topics globally. If used properly, hashtags can really help to expand your business social presence.

Social media users are always searching by hashtags to find specific interests whether its products and services or personal content. You can take advantage by leveraging certain products or services by posting hashtags in your social posts to reach customers globally or even locally. Here are some tips below on how you can properly use hashtags on your social media accounts to help grow your business.

Use Instagram’s maximum hashtag limit

Depending on your business industry and who you are trying to target, I have found Instagram hashtags extremely useful for each one of my businesses. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, stories, reels and comments. Unlike the social media platform TikTok, they limit you to a certain amount of characters rather than a specific hashtag limit. But if you take advantage of using 30 hashtags when posting on Instagram, you are giving your business a greater chance to be found.

It is good to have a strong mix of hashtags on your Instagram that include the following:

  • Trending hashtags
  • Local hashtag keywords
  • Branded hashtags
  • Niche specific hashtags
  • Your industry specific hashtags

If you pay attention to when you enter hashtags on Instagram, they will list them in order by greater search count. Then you can play around and see how many hashtags are being searched worldwide.

Branding your hashtags

Choosing unique hashtags that are memorable are important when branding your business. Creating your brands identity on social platforms will help conduct awareness across the web. Have you ever paid attention to large companies such as Disney, the ALS ice bucket challenge and the Charmin toilet paper company? Each one of these businesses do an excellent job by branding certain hashtags to promote their products. For example, on Twitter Charmin will add #TweetFromTheSeat hashtag to encourage their buyers to tweet while sitting on the toilet, which isn’t a surprise since its common for people to use their phones while using the bathroom. Disney partnered with Make A Wish Foundation and promoted #ShareYourEars and they would donate $5 per tweet that was used with that hashtag. It helped raise over 2 million dollars. And lastly, back when the ice bucket challenge was popular, you were able to click and find millions of videos of people doing the ice bucket challenge to help raise awareness for ALS. The trendy hashtag ended up viral and known across the entire world.

How to use hashtags for Facebook

Using hashtags to gain social presence on Facebook may work well for your business branding but its utilized slightly different than Instagram. We talked about how Instagram allows you to utilize up to 30 hashtags, unfortunately with Facebook it’s important that you don’t use that many hashtags in your posts. There are over 2.9 billion Facebook users currently in 2022. There is no doubt that Facebook has a large amount of users on the platform ready to find your business page it’s just a matter of optimizing your posts correctly to be found. Up to three hashtags are recommended for each Facebook post because more than that can make your page look a but unprofessional.

If you are wondering what top hashtags are trending on Facebook, you can use the search bar at the top and start searching hashtags to see what people are looking for. Another tip for your business is going back to older posts that created a reasonable amount of reactions and adding a few hashtags to those posts because it will continue to help grow the presence of those older posts and possibly attract new customers to that post if you have a product or service to sell.

How to utilize hashtags for your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a different animal when it comes to promoting your business on social media and it may seem daunting because of the interface within. Business owners haven’t always bought into using hashtags on the LinkedIn platform but it works almost the same way as Facebook or Instagram. In order to get your posts visible on LinkedIn, you will have to add the hashtags inside the body of the posts because they don’t allow you to have clickable hashtags in the body of the articles. It is highly recommended not to use more than three hashtags in your posts on LinkedIn because just like Facebook, it can also make your business look a bit unprofessional if you are flooding your post with hashtags. But in the end, the concept of hashtags work the same way on LinkedIn as they do on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social networking platforms. You are using certain hashtags and phrases that will help promote your business service or products and give you the opportunity to be found by users who may become potential customers of yours.

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